Yor Tea Pragati Partner

  • Yor Tea
  • Brand Film - FMCG

Campaign - Pragati Partner Programm

Client - YOR TEA


The campaign was launched with the aim to establish a distribution network across the State of Gujarat. As a new brand, YOR tea wanted to set-up an innovative model which was very different from traditional routes of distribution to retailers, as well as different from the network marketing. The brand decided to appoint one sales partner (not a salesman) in each village, area, or a ward. This is the concept of Social Commerce, where no fixed incentive is offered but profits have to be shared over sales made by partners. Also, the key highlight was zero investment, but minimum order of 24 kgs. Yellow Filter Production was appointed as a performance video agency for the launch campaign.


At Yellow Filter Productions, we took up the challenge of launching the campaign as a sole creative agency. We did the naming, wrote copies, and gave inputs on designing the collateral. Once the base was ready we went ahead with the launch activity and planned two video campaigns. One - as a main launch with the top influencer from the region. And second - followup video campaign with different actors.

As a main launch - we wrote a film with the intention to generate leads. Nitin Jani, popular instagram celebrity was roped in. Film did really well with 3.2 Million views so far with about 10,000+ inquiries. As on today, YOR TEA has received more than 850+ agreements and 90+ 'Pragati Partners' have been selling the product across 13 Districts of Gujarat. It's a massive success within 45 days of the campaign launch.