Dupont - Andhra Pradesh

  • Corporate Documentary
  • Chemicals

Dupont is a known MNC operating in more than 100 countries of the world. We got retainership videos for them, including more than 34 testimonial films and 6 documentaries. This documentary is part of the project. Dupont’s successful product Pexalon is a pesticide used by farmers, and this film is the documentary of one such farmer from Andhra Pradesh.

This documentary film project for Dupont (now DOW India) was shot over 6 states of India, and our team extensively travelled to places multiple times to cover various crop seasons.

  • Project Head:Akhil Khandeparkar / Nachiket Desai
  • Team:Himalay Dave / Harsh Patel / Utsav Jani / Kiran S / Priyam Shah