Swarnim Startup & Innovation University

  • Corporate Film
  • Education

Swarrnim University is India’s first and only Startup oriented university which provides unique atmosphere to students to develop innovation based mindset. Our film displays this approach, infrastructure and core values of this university. Since 15 years, this campus is serving education to the bright students, and has been recognized by Govt. of Gujarat to Govt. of India and now setting benchmark in abroad by having foreign collaborations for their students in India. Best corporate video for educational institute / university in Gujarat by Yellow Filter Productions.

  • Director:Himalay Dave / Nachiket Desai
  • Cinematographer:Harshbir Singh
  • Editor:Himalay Dave
  • Post-Production Supervisor:Harsh Patel
  • Producer:Nachiket Desai
  • Writer:Nachiket Desai / Satyavrat Jadeja